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Big Apartment Building - Birth to 1st Grade

Submitted by Harry Heifetz

My parents were building a new single family home in Westchester, IL. It wasn’t quite ready to move into so I started first grade in Chicago. We moved right before or right after my first test. I never got any grade. Our block was mostly wooden single family homes. We lived in a fortress by comparison – a giant brick apartment building – four floors I think. My family lived on the west side of the third floor. Two of mom’s sisters and bubby lived on the other side on the same floor. Aunt Sarah was single and Aunt Rose lived their with her husband Harry and her son Isaac who was about the same age as my younger brother Isaac. Years later I went back to see the building. All the wood homes were there but the fortress was completely gone!

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West of Humboldt Park, East of Homan, South of North Ave