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REscuing a "lansman" from a snowdrift in the Blizzard of 67

Submitted by Audrie Berman

In January of 1967, Chicago experienced a record breaking blizzard of over 37 inches of snow. Looking out our window the morning after the snow fell, we noticed the head and shoulders of a man emerging from a snowdrift. Nothing else was moving, no cars, no plows, nothing. My father immediately grabbed a shovel and spent nearly an hour digging a path to the man, digging him out and bringing him into warm in our house. The man had left on his daily morning walk, not knowing of the storm. He was lost and stuck. When we called his daughter with whom he lived, she told us that she did not know he had ventured out of the house! The man told us that he was born in Russia. He was, amazingly, from the very small village where my mother's grandparents had lived, and remembered my mother's grandfather from his youth. My father quite possibly saved this man's life, putting himself at risk. I remember being very proud of my father then for unselfishly performing this mitzvah. It recalls the Jewish teaching "To save a life is to save the whole world".

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